FRESH START (Beginner) $67.99/day

-616 in stock
  • FRESH START (Beginner) $67.99/day

FRESH START (Beginner) $67.99/day

-616 in stock

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Ever wanted to start a juice cleanse but didn’t know where to begin? At FresHouse we make the world of cleansing simple for you. This cleanse is ideal for the beginner cleanser who wants to give their digestive system a break, focus on assimilating nutrients, cleanse and detox their body, and maybe even lose weight. Get ready for something new and exciting, you and your body deserve this. 


  1. I AM Vigorous (apple, beet, pear, lemon, ginger)
  2. I AM Strong (bok choy, orange, green apple, turmeric, lemon)
  3. I AM Fresh (Apple, Spinach, Kale, Lime, Ginger)
  4. I AM Plush (cashew, alkaline water, maple syrup, cocoa, himilayan salt, coconut oil, dates)
  5. I AM Sweet (apple, beet, carrot)
  6. I AM Healthy (spinach, pear, lemon, mint, turmeric)

    * Ginger or Turmeric Shot