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Modern diets are weak and not nutritious. Obesity and increases in disease are on the rise. People who drink raw juice have glowing complexion, more energy, better immune systems and are at reduced risk of disease. People who drink raw juice are happier and live active lifestyles. Drinking juice is an easy way to get in your servings of fruits and vegetables, which everyone needs on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, living enzymes and proteins. A 16oz juice contains the nutritional value of 6-8 salads. The PH scale runs from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). In order for our body to survive and continue to function, we must maintain a ph balance between 7.2-7.4 (slightly alkaline). Maintaining a slightly alkaline ph is a challenge to the body because of all the acid producing functions and acid forming foods we eat. An acidic body does not function properly and is prone to disease. Juice cleansing allows for restoration/maintenance of proper alkaline levels allowing the body to function optimally.

Maximum nutrition. Blending or juicing produce using a blade creates heat and introduces oxygen into the produce. This process denatures the produce, which decreases its nutritional value. A cold press hydraulic juicer removes the juice directly from the pulp, leaving behind a highly concentrated juice full of nutrients and enzymes. Cold press juice is a true raw multivitamin. Faster Absorption. When the pulp is eliminated, the body does not work as hard to digest the nutrients. Once the nutrients hit the small intestine, the nutrients are absorbed immediately into the blood stream. Cold press juice extracts 50-100% more juice then a regular juicer. Less oxidation, which is what happens when juice makes contact with oxygen. Oxidation destroys quality of the product. An example of oxidation is when you cut an apple and it begins to turn brown, you don’t want that!

We work with industry leaders where cold press juice began gaining popularity in the U.S. Have hired the best cold press juicers to create our recipes in order to ensure the perfect blend of produce in each of our juices. We have also hired the best raw food chefs to create our tasty and nutritious meals. We are truly passionate about this lifestyle and have been in the health industry for over 10 years.

The process of consuming high amounts of raw cold-pressed juice. You are giving your body a huge influx of nutrients from the produce. The body’s digestive system is also given a break, thus allowing the body to focus on healing itself on a deeper cellular level. When pulp is removed from produce, the digestive system can conserve its energy. This extra energy is utilized for the body to absorb more nutrients and heal itself. A juice cleanse allows for healing across all major body systems: cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, immune and respiratory.

Athletes, pre or post pregnancy moms, children, people with ailments, people in pain, fitness enthusiasts, brides, anyone who wants to increase their health and well being.

You must understand the difference between processed foods vs raw plant based unprocessed foods. Raw unprocessed foods are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that keep your body running optimally Processed foods have minimal nutrients the body needs to survive. They are also so depleted that when ingested, you can become toxic.

When you deprive your body of essential nutrients, the body will begin to digest its own tissues in order to carry out its functions. The beauty of autolysis with respect to cleansing or fasting is that your body will actually burn off the cells that are most damaged/diseased and use those ones for fuel. During fasting, your body feeds itself on the most impure and damaged cells in your body. Juice cleanses allow the body to enter a healing stage, where the body starts to digest its diseased cells and in turn regenerates new cells.

oxygen. Oxygen is the most important nutrient your body needs. Every organ and cell in our body lives and uses oxygen to survive. Our body is constantly trying to get rid of the acidity that carbon dioxide brings. water. The second most important nutrient we need is water. Our body is made up of about 70% water.

Some people will tell you to chew your juice because it will help to release some enzymes. Sure you can do this if you like, you can be the judge of that. The juice is already loaded with enzymes because it’s raw and fresh. Maybe you should chew if it was pasteurized crap you find in the store, or if it was HPP (High pressure processing).

E3 live is a popular west coast lake grown algae. Understand that when something comes from a lake or ocean, it is full of nutrients, even more so than food that is grown in farm soil. Farm soil gets depleted after each season of continuously growing crops. Having a nice shot of E3 live will give you a big dose of nutrients and this can lead to increases in vitality, energy, concentration, endurance, brain function, digestion, intestinal healthy and immunity.

If you are looking for vitamins, minerals, alkalizing agents, antioxidants and a real form of energy. Raw green juice is for you and it’s the best thing for you. Every day our bodies encounter toxins, especially in today’s environment there are more toxins than ever. Drinking raw green juice provides you with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that help to combat these toxins. Improves bone and joint function. Anti- aging. Contains lots of chlorophyll, which helps to oxygenate your body, and remember if we don’t have oxygen, we die!

At Freshouse, we use special juicers that extract the most juice out of produce than any other machine on the planet. By using cold press juicers, the product is the highest quality, even better than regular centrifugal juicers. Regular juicers, force air into the produce when its juiced and this causes the juice to decompose/oxidize at a fast rate. Because cold press juicers yield a higher quality of juice that does not decompose/oxidize fast, our juice can be bottled for up to 5 days. Our juice is biologically active, potent and electrically charged. Our juice is better than any other juice in this universe!

Cold press juice is actually proven to be the best and most effective way to extract the highest quality of juice and highest yield from produce, with as much enzymes present as possible, while also resulting in the best tasting juice. Cold press juice is a two step process: Pulverizing – the produce is pulverized by a blade to turn it into pulp. This process breaks open fibers and frees up nutrients and enzymes to be released. Pressing – the newly made pulp is placed inside a cotton like cloth bag and squeezed using a flat hydraulic press. The strong action of the press squeezes out the most juice that can be squeezed out of produce, better and more efficient than any other form of juicing. Because this form of juicing does not force any air into the juice during the extraction like other juicers, this juice is higher quality with more enzymes present. It can be kept in a bottle up to 3-5 days, depending on the type of produce being juiced.

Extremely short! This is what you want!! We can honestly say that our juices are the freshest in the industry, we do not use any pasteurization, HPP (high pressure processing), or preservatives. We do not use anything to extend the shelf life of our products! Our juice is kept as close to its natural state as possible, which is the way your body wants it to be. Green Juice – 4 days max Orange Juice – 4 days max Ginger Juice – 7 days Apple Juice 3 – 5 days

Probiotics are the good bacteria living in your gut. You want these bacteria to grow healthy and strong! Probiotics are live microorganisms that offer a health benefit to the host they occupy. Probiotics are used to maintain the correct balance of microbes living in the intestines, resulting in less toxins and pathogen-producing bacteria. There are health effects that have been documented from having optimal levels of probiotics like: alleviation from chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases. prevention and treatment of pathogen induced diarrhea. decrease in urogenital infections. improve digestive health. optimal extraction of nutrients from undigested food. optimal synthesizing of vitamins b and k. There are also toxic bacteria living in your intestines. The beneficial probiotics compete with the toxic, thus resulting in healthier gut flora. Immune health is also associated with optimal levels of gut flora. A large amount of our immune system cells are found in the digestive system. The good bacteria in our digestive system are stimulated to produce antibodies that circulate around the body and fight toxic substances.

HPP juice should not be considered fresh because technically it has been processed and preserved to extend shelf life, therefore it is lower quality than pure fresh juice. HPP – “High pressure processing”, is a procedure that is done on raw juice that inactivates the bacteria without the use of heat or chemicals. Once the juice is packaged in plastic bottles, there is 80,000 pounds of pressure applied to the bottle. This process takes place in water chambers, and to put it in perspective, its equivalent to 6x the amount of pressure than the deepest part of the ocean. This process can extend the shelf life of a juice from 4 days to 45 days! Hmmmm…sound too good to be true?? Probably is! Product compromise – even though HPP does work to kill the bad bacteria, the HPP process needs an acidic ph to be effective. While the HPP process may work to preserve some nutrients and enzymes, it won’t work as well on juices with high alkalinity, like green juice. The HPP process can disrupt ionic bonds and denature the proteins in fruits and vegetables. The natural chemistry of the juice is changed. The HPP process does not understand the difference between the good and bad bacteria. Even though there are harmful bacteria being destroyed, there are also beneficial bacteria being killed.

The best tasting juice comes from juice that is pure, raw and no type of processing or alteration done to it. This is the way nature intended real juice to be, don’t try to out smart mother nature. When HPPing alkaline juices, the quality diminishes even more so than a nut milk or acidic type juice. The HPP process does not kill enzymes, but they become denatured, so what good is an enzyme if you can’t use it. The good and bad bacteria are also destroyed; we need the bacteria to keep our immune system strong. The HPP causes the juice to become sterile; we believe the HPP juice loses its potency and positive effect for people who consume it.

Think of raw juice similar to eating raw produce. Anyone at anytime can get sick from eating fruits and vegetables if they are not prepared properly. Whether you are eating our produce or preparing meals yourself at home, you can get sick. If a doctor tells you to stay away from raw juice, please ask them why. Ask them if they know what raw juice is. Cold pressed juice, is exactly the same as eating the actual carrot or apple. Just make sure you know who is preparing your juice. Would a doctor tell you to stop eating carrots or apples because your pregnant? It is always a good idea to consult with your physician about eating raw foods and drinking raw juice. It is also a good idea to ask more than one doctor, approaching multiple doctors can offer different views on this topic.

While cleanses for the most part are not harmful we do not recommend pregnant or breast-feeding mothers to cleanse. We also suggest for people taking medication to consult their practitioner’s first. Cleanses are a great way to rid the body of toxins, however, each individual is unique and should be advised to listen to their body and do what is best for them. Also, the period of time an individual should cleanse varies depending on their objective and where they’re at in the cleansing world. Start with a 1-3 day cleanse, and move onto a higher amount of days as you get use to it.

Going on a raw food diet can be hard to maintain. Eating SOME raw foods is better than eating NONE at all. A beginner who incorporates as little as 30%-50% raw food into their diet can expect to see health benefits. Once you are settled in your routine, you can add more raw food into your diet. The journey to reaching a higher conscious diet will require you to give up your old eating habits. Eating flesh and dairy can taste amazing and make us feel good short term. We all like to feel good at the moment, but these foods come with long-term consequences. Being successful with incorporating raw food into your diet can be the start of a long-term addiction to feeling and looking your best. When you abstain from foods that take away your bodies natural healing process and eat clean whole foods, the bodies natural detox process begins. Our body was made to function optimally, this happens when we eat food as close to its natural state as possible. Processed foods on the other hand, were not made naturally and our body’s biochemistry was not designed to metabolize them. When we eat these foods we get sick, overweight and begin to age faster.

Poor lifestyle choices, poor diet and injury. Inflammation is the beginning stages for almost all disease. Inflammation can be a necessary function of the body – eg. If you fall on your knee, the body’s natural response is to create an inflammatory response in that area until your healed. On the other hand, internal inflammation stemming from processed foods creates the breeding ground inside the body for disease. When someone eats processed food over a long period of time, they can have chronic inflammation and this is where most major diseases begin in the body. Inflammatory foods like white flour, processed grains, sodas, meat, alcohol, coffee, processed sugars and cold cuts are all acid forming foods in the body. When the body is acidic it becomes a breeding ground for disease. Raw fresh fruits and vegetables and the juice from produce is all alkaline forming, which creates an internal state where the body can detox and focus on inner healing. The reason people choose to do a juice cleanse is to give the body a chance to exclude all of the harmful substances your body currently takes in that are causing your internal detox process to become backed up, resulting in inflammation. When your body can receive a constant supply of healthy vitamins and minerals, it can finally begin to focus on internal repair and detox at a cellular level.

Yes, but you don’t have to. If you want to maximize your cleansing, keeping the colon clean will definitely help. During a cleanse there are toxins released. The major avenues toxins release are the skin, lungs and excreted via bowels. Many people are not even aware their colon can already be backed up by mucus, cell debris and other toxins – everything just sitting in their colon. Some cleansers actually release more feces during a cleanse compared to eating food. The colonics will allow for the colon to be cleaned up, resulting in a more efficient cleanse and a deeper detoxification process to occur. If your colon cannot release, it becomes backed up and the toxins inside can be re absorbed into your body. This defeats the purpose of cleansing, so always try to do your best at keeping a clean colon. During a cleanse it is also good to use anti-inflammatory enzymes, probiotic supplements, infra-red saunas and rest.

Would be best if you did NOT. During a cleanse you are trying to get rid of the toxins in your body. Alcohol is like a poison, so drinking it will defeat the purpose of your cleanse. In order to maximize the benefit of your cleanse, you must leave out not only alcohol, but other toxic substances also. Leaving out more toxins from your diet will allow the body to focus its energy on releasing already present toxins instead of dealing with new oncoming ones.

Always seek medical advice from a health care provider. This health care provider can be anyone with knowledge in the question you seek: Hollistic nutritionist, Naturopath, Physician, Endocrinologist, Dietician, or anyone with juicing experience. If you’re diabetic, use more green juices – about 70%green 30%fruits. Some people have had great results with this method, resulting in reduction in dependencies to their medications.

Using a centrifugal juicer is a more common method of juicing. These juicers use a metal blade that spins at high speeds against a mesh blade, separating liquids from solids. Due to the high speed of the blade and contact with the produce as it cuts, the juice becomes oxidized, cell walls can become damaged therefore changing the chemistry and decreasing nutritional value of the juice.

Over time our bodies are bombarded with various types of toxins, chemicals, pollutants and other harmful substances in the environment. Although, the body has a natural mechanism of detoxification, cleansing is an excellent approach in aiding our body and mind to flush out an overload of negative culprits we are faced with. The body can only do so much on its own where as cleansing can have an overall positive effect on our well-being: better digestion, lower cholesterol, balanced hormones, healthier liver, happier moods, better concentration and improved memory. The positive benefits of cleansing can truly ignite a life full of vitality, youthfulness and joy!

Understanding the difference in sugars is a great tool to help you make better choices. All sugar, in its many forms is a simple carbohydrate that the body converts into glucose and uses for energy. However, the source of sugar highly influences the effect it has on the body and one’s overall health. Natural sugars found in fruit (in the form of sucrose) provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and prevent disease. Refined sugars come from sugar cane or sugar beets that are highly processed to extract the sugar (typically found as sucrose which is a combination of glucose and fructose). Another important element to understand between natural and refined sugars is how the body metabolizes them. Refined sugars break down rapidly in the body causing blood sugar levels and insulin to go through the roof! A diet full of refined sugars can seriously jeopardize one’s health. Natural sugars break down a little slower, however because they are jam packed with nutrients they provide not only a sweet taste but a healthy kick! (Please note sugar cane is not an unhealthy ingredient in itself, it is however the processed procedure that creates the undesired effects).

Constipation is a normal reaction during a cleanse, so if this occurs please don’t be alarmed. Because we are removing some fibers from your diet, your bowel movements may slow down. If this happens, we suggest drinking a lot of water, taking a fiber supplement, probiotics and even adding in some psyllium will help.

Everyone’s metabolism differs and depending on how fast you feel full or satisfied, a juice may acts as a simple snack, a hearty breakfast or lunch. Whether you choose to make it a meal replacement or not, we never discouraged eating foods full of soluble fiber and essential goodness that feeds the body, mind and spirit. But if you want to clean up a bit, shake some bad habits and give your digestive system a rest, a juice cleanse can be the perfect choice! Check out some of our juice cleanses.