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Who We Are

FresHouse is a cold-pressed juice company passionate in helping create healthier communities by offering our cold press juices and healthy food, always made with fresh organic ingredients. From our bitter leafy greens to our juicy sweet fruits, our menu was designed to make a fast yet healthy lifestyle possible and tasty. You are our inspiration and the results are nutrient dense options to help you reach optimal health. Whether you pick up a juice, do a cleanse or grab a bite to eat, you can be sure your well-being is our priority. Together we will build awareness and nurture a healthy present and future. Cheers!

Why Freshouse

Better Health

The quality of life we have is a reflection of the quality of the foods we choose to sustain us. The path to health, elevated moods, increase energy, strong bones and beautiful skin, is one that is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, vital proteins, essential fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Juicing allows the body to absorb more of what we need rather than just eating the vegetable or fruit.


Juicing is an easy way to ingest an abundance of high quality nutrients and give your body the daily servings of fruits and vegetables it needs on a regular basis.

A 16oz juice contains the nutritional value of 6-8 salads.

Natural nutrition

95% of the vitamins and enzymes our body needs to survive are found in the juice from produce. Drinking juice is one of the best ways to obtain vitamins and minerals because our body recognizes produce and responds better to it. Our bodies were designed to eat raw living fruits and vegetables in the unprocessed form, which is exactly what cold press juice is!




Wondering what is cold-pressed?

Cold press juice is the best and most effective way to extract the highest quality of juice and highest yield from produce, with as
much enzymes present as possible, while also resulting in the best tasting juice.

Two Step Process

Step 1: Pulverizing - the produce is pulverized by a blade to turn it into pulp. This process breaks open fibers and frees up nutrients and enzymes to be released.

Step 2: Pressing – the newly made pulp is placed inside a cotton like cloth bag and squeezed using a flat hydraulic press. The strong action of the press squeezes out the most juice that can be squeezed out of produce, better and more efficient than any other form of juicing.

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