Why Drink Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold-pressed juice has been feeling the love over the last couple years, and there is a reason for that. This is not a fad or trend gone tomorrow but a factor of a convenient healthy life. We are here to make health easy for you and give you the answers to why you should be drinking cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses intense pressure to extract as much liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The pressure is incomparable to any other juicer. The fruits and vegetables are extracted until the fiber has no more to give. You deserve every drop you can get!  

During the juicing process, no additional heat or oxygen is used, which means no nutrients are lost. Drinking cold-pressed juice is the easiest way to get the nutrients you need. 

Cold-pressed juice has many health benefits that you will see and feel almost immediately. With every sip, it can promise to boost your immunity, help your skin glow, and give you greater energy.

We are all victims of a busy lifestyle, but we need to stop letting that sacrifice our health. Drinking cold-pressed juice allows you to get the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables without the hassle of heavy grocery shopping and food prepping the night before work.

You will not get the same effects from a generic juice at the grocery store as you would with cold-pressed juice. Regular pasteurized juices can be left on the shelf for a long time, while cold-pressed must be consumed in three to four days. 

Your body deserves the freshest ingredients it can get. Why compromise for anything less? Cold-pressed juices are compact with enzymes and nutrients that you will be able to absorb quickly.  

It takes a lot of energy to digest the food that we eat. The nutrients and vitamins in our food can be lost from using it as fuel in the process of digestion. Saving energy can allow your body to focus on other things, such as repairing your cells to prevent any diseases and illness. If you can retain extra energy by just drinking the juice while benefiting your overall health, why question drinking cold-pressed juice?  

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 By : Adriana Parente

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