Throw Out Caffeine, The Best Juices For Energy!

Make September a fresh new start for your routine with Freshouse juice. Whether you are exhausted from your 9 to 5 job or long lectures at school, we have you covered. 

We challenge you to ditch your morning coffee, mid day energy drink, and late night espresso. Trust us, it will be okay! Once you take a sip of our energy boosting cold pressed juices you will not feel any withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine or find it difficult to come off.

Caffeine is essentially a stimulant for the nervous system. Once it enters the body it absorbs into the blood stream and signals the brain to be alert. Although this might be just what you needed, think again. Caffeine is only a short-term solution and needs to be continuously fed if you want to maintain your alertness. 

Caffeine is also diarrheic, not something that is beneficial to our bodies. Because of the bodily effects, you are stripping away most to all of the vitamins and nutrients you had stored from food and are dehydrating your system.

With our cold pressed juices, we want to promise you more energy and give you your daily-recommended dose of fruits and vegetables at the same time.

It is much better to get your source of energy from a bundle of fresh produce than processed sugars or a high dosage of caffeine. The healthy juices will get absorbed into your body and retain your hydration level.

Freshouse is challenging you to get rid of caffeine this September. We want to help you boost your energy levels the right way. Freshouse recommends the following juice: I AM Bold, I AM Vigorous, I AM Fresh, and I AM Powerful.

Get your health on track and energy levels through the roof with these cold pressed juices. You will be able to conquer just about anything once you drink these!


By: Adriana Parente

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