The Power of Green Juices

EAT YOUR GREENS!” We have heard it all before. Going green is all about bettering the environment and more importantly your health. Freshouse offers the best quality of juices that will blow you and your children away. Yes, our green juices are kid friendly!

It is sometimes difficult and unpleasant to take in your daily-recommended amount of fruits vegetables, let alone the green ones. But, green fruits and vegetables are incredible for your body.

Calcium and antioxidants are hidden inside your all of your favourite green vegetables. They are the vital nutrients for bone development and maintenance, and will neutralize oxygen particles before they cause damage to your body. Vitamin A and C are the most common vitamins in fruits and vegetables, and will help build a strong immune system.

Getting healthier has never been easier. Green juice is a convenient and a quick way to get your go to important vitamins and minerals into your body, but make sure you are reading the label when choosing a green juice. Avoid store bought juices that add sugar and chemicals for colour and taste. Your body needs only the purest of ingredients, and we have it for you.

Our cold-pressed green juice is made with care and never sacrifices flavour and good quality. Our green juices will make you look and feel at your best, they are full of detox-boosting elements, and will balance your body throughout the day.

 If you are feeling low on your green daily intake, come on by and try the following juices: I AM Bold, I AM Fresh, I AM Healthy, I AM Powerful, I AM Sassy, I AM Unique, and I AM Strong. You are promised earthy greens and other ingredients that compliment them in every sip.

Freshouse wants to be a part of your new green lifestyle. Cheers and bottoms up!

By: Adriana Parente

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