Live Euphoric Review: Freshouse Juicebar

Cold-Pressed Juice Review: FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar

Cold-Pressed Juice Review:

FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar

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❁Nice to see you again…

Hello friends! Welcome to our second blog post where we will be giving you our review of our current favourite Cold-Pressed Juice shop, FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar!

❁The motive behind this week’s blog post:

As you probably already know, we are huge advocates of health/wellness products and services and we believe that a HUGE key to good health is in what we fuel our bodies with. We have recently fallen in love with Cold-Pressed Juices, which is why we have decided to dedicate this blog post to them!

❁Our experience at FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar:

Our most recent experience with Cold-Pressed Juices was at FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar, where we were taken away with the Cold-Pressed Juices, extremely warm & friendly service and eccentric environment.

Firstly, from the moment we walked in, we were greeted by the exceptionally pleasant staff and manager who provided extremely attentive service as we were unable to easily make our purchasing decisions. The kind young lady at the cash register offered to give us samples of any of the juices we were considering. This made our experience so enjoyable as we were able to get a taste of the fresh Cold-Pressed Juices they had to offer, before purchasing. In tasting a wide variety of the Cold-Pressed Juices, we quickly learned that FRESHOUSE definitely values quality, consistency and freshness. It was almost harder to make a decision after the sampling as everything tasted amazing and made us feel fantastic – just as promised!

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Secondly, in addition to the great assistance, we got a live drumming performance by the manager himself and another lovely staff member. They were incredibly lively and did everything in their power to make sure we had a memorable and informative experience. When deciding between juices, the employees made sure to give us the background information and nutritional content of every single juice – we were incredibly impressed and appreciative of their knowledge and willingness to share.

❁Our Opinion of Their Cold-Pressed Juices:

After that, the good impression did not end with our experience at FRESHOUSE. The juices we purchased were extremely delicious, fresh and energizing. Each juice had it’s specific and unique health benefits that were very apparent after consumption. We experienced many positive results in regards to our energy levels and just overall feeling fantastic.

In addition to receiving high levels of energy and feeling great, we found ourselves feeling significantly more sharp and alert. This was definitely a factor that we found to be the most beneficial. The quality of our days were improved immensely just from drinking these Cold-Pressed Juices.

Now, this…this is why we fell in love.

Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion that FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar is the perfect combination of a top quality product and exceptional customer service. This is a Cold-Pressed Juice shop that we highly recommend for anyone in the GTA to experience, whether you’re new to the world of Cold-Pressed Juices or a seasoned pro.

❁Here’s what we ordered…

  1. “I Am Pure”


    -Iron Rich
    -Immune Boosting

  2. “I Am Glowing”

    -Green Apple

    -Eye Health
    -Healthy Circulation
    -Digestive Aid
    -Antioxidant Rich

  3. “I Am Feisty”

    -Burdock Root

    -Lymphatic Drainage
    -Digestive Health
    -Skin Health
    -Blood Purifying
    -Liver Health

  4. “Purple Rain”

    -Red Cabbage
    -Red Grape

    -Brain Health
    -Anti-Oxidant Rich
    -Bone Health
    -Skin + Eye Health
    -Cardiovascular Health

For more information on FRESHOUSE Food & Juice Bar, click here to visit their site!
FRESHOUSE Food & Juice bar is located @ 2 Tall Grass Trail, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada *

❁ ❁ ❁

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! Feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post!


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