Calling All Coffee Lovers, FresHouse's Newest Product: I AM Mochaliscious!

Start your day off right with Freshouse’s newest drink, I Am Mochaliscious!

If you are looking for something that will nourish your body with phytochemicals, antioxidants, healthy fats, and just taste simply delicious—you are heading in the right direction.

This drink is made with cold brew coffee and no dairy. Extracting coffee grinds for 24 to 40 hours in cool temperatures makes this drink the cold brew coffee you have been waiting for. This method makes the coffee less acidic than your regular coffee. Acids get extracted at hot temperatures, but our coffee is proven to be better for your body and tastes much better too. 

The less acidic the coffee is, the better it is for you. Cold brew coffee can be easier on the digestive system and recommended to those who struggle with heartburn or a sensitive stomach. 

Your body requires the right amount of acidity and alkalinity to function and heal. When you drink high acidity coffee, your body’s pH levels become unbalanced. On top of the cold brew process, our mochaliscious drink is made with alkaline water. This ingredient keeps your body balanced and pH levels in line. If coffee is the first thing you will be putting in your body for the day, we want it to be worth it.

This drink will give you great energy and keep you full until your next meal. The healthy fats in the drink—coconut oil and cashews—maintain your hunger and assist with weight loss. You should not have to sacrifice your sweet tooth also, so we sweeten the cold brew coffee with the earth’s nature sugars. With the holy trinity of sweetness, you can taste the dates, cocoa, and vanilla in each sip. You know you are in for great treat!

Wait no more; come visit us for your new favourite drink and get 10% OFF, just use PROMO CODE: COFFEE at checkout! You can also check out our delicious mochaliscious drink here.

 By: Adriana Parente

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