Best Juices for Cold and Flu

Winter is coming! [Yes, we are referring to The Game of Thrones’ words of warning and constant vigilance. We take the cold season that seriously.]

As you bundle into your winter coats and blanket scarves, keep Freshouse Juice and Food Bar close in mind for any cold and flu symptoms. Freshouse is your number one stop for all natural remedies and we want to help prevent those sniffles from trickling this season.

Treat your body with the natural medicine of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you start to feel the symptoms of a cold, sip on of our cold-pressed juices to prevent your symptoms from prolonging. You will find no other medicine that tastes or makes you feel better than this!

Your immune system is constantly working hard to keep your body healthy and free of sniffles. To help out your immune system and give it a break, it is important to feed your body with a heavy dose of vitamins and minerals to keep it going strong. We advise you treat your body to cold-pressed juices in order to give your system what it needs at all times, especially during the colder seasons.

 In the case that you catch the plague this flu season, replenish your body with an overload of Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting spices, and ingredients used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. You will be up and going hard again, sooner than you may know it.

Freshouse recommends the following juices for immunity: I AM Healthy, I AM Sweet, I AM Fiesty, and any of our fresh immune boosting shots. These juices are packed with healing ingredients such as lemon, turmeric, burdock root, and apple. Try any one of these juices and receive a 10% discount when you use promo code: COLD

Give your body a chance at healthy and natural remedies to treat your cold before you reach for antibiotics or over the counter medication. Your organs and tummy with thank you later!


By: Adriana Parente

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