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At FresHouse We Advocate the Power of Food for Health.

We believe food is the most powerful medicine that can be integrated into our daily routines to promote well-being and allow us to live a life full of vitality.

FresHouse is committed to creating nutritious juice blends and tasty bites derived from plant based sources to provide our community with delicious and healthy options.
Our main focus is you, and so we are passionate about providing you with only the best ingredients (wholesome and nourishing ingredients) to help you obtain better health.  (I wouldn’t say health will never be compromised - there are so many factors in play here you don’t want to make false claims). As an alternative to the highly processed and nutrient deficient foods, our menu is designed to provide you with nutrient dense options to help you to reach optimal health in a fast and convenient way.
At FresHouse we are dedicated to only using fresh produce and we use organic as much as possible, so that we can offer the highest quality of food and juice available. All of our creations are made with love because a happy heart can take on the day brilliantly. You are important to us: body, mind and spirit. Let FresHouse always be your home away from home.